The Hottest Vacation Places on Earth

by chris on March 20, 2009

The majority of people searching for the hottest places on earth, to satisfy their craving for a great vacation, do not discover Socotra Island. This is not only one of the hottest vacation places; it is also a strangely beautiful place. The amazing flora and fauna endemic to the island is a reminder of the Galapagos Islands where rare flowers, trees and plants are abundant.

Socotra is a very hot and mysterious land

Socotra, located in the Indian Ocean approximately 250 km from Somalia, has a hot and dry climate. This island with sandy beaches is about 340km from Yemen. There are caves of limestone and mountains so high few attempt to climb them. Massive trees grow out of bare rock and become part of a mountainside.

Socotra Island, one of the UNESCO sites of the world, had no roads until around 2006. There are no hotels lining the beach or fancy restaurants similar to those on many of the world’s popular islands. Birds as exotic as the fauna and flora such as the Socotra warbler and diving cormorants are strange in appearance, but entertaining in their antics. There are shipwrecks and diving tours, during which you can explore the underside of the island.

Roads? No problem!

Bolivar Salt Lake, Salt Desert, and the Indian Ocean islands of Seychelles, Praslin, La Digue and Mahé are among the hottest vacation places on earth. All of the 115 Indian Ocean islands are hot year round.

Costa Rica has what many tourists enjoy most – very hot weather. Tourists can choose activities such as white-water rafting tours; hiking; kayaking; flying over a rainforest in a rope held harness; taking a canopy tour through the forest and a myriad of other exciting outdoor activities. Licensed guides lead tourists along trails, over hanging bridges and guide them along high cliffs and into remote parts of the area. After strenuous activities tourists often bathe in the soothing waters of Costa Rica’s hot springs.

Costa Rica is a very nice and warm place to visit

Luxor in Egypt is among the hottest places for vacationing along with other cities in the southern part of Egypt. The Saudi Arabian peninsula offers very hot temperatures, as does Africa, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and most of Northern Australia. In the United States the southern section of California is the hottest area, especially San Diego, where temperatures are steady between 60º and 70º F.

Luxor, hot and very popular these days

Death Valley is acknowledged as being the hottest vacation place in the US with an officially recorded highest national temperature. The only other place nearly as hot as Death Valley is El Azizia, Libya. El Azizia registered a temperature of 136ºF/58ºC in 1922. The hottest Death Valley temperature ever recorded was 134ºF/56ºC. Before people learned to take proper care in the hot desert sun there were many deaths in the Death Valley desert.

Death Valley - we all know you could fry an egg in the desert!

Cancun, Atlixco and Pueblo, Mexico are some of the hottest vacation places where it is always hot. Tourists from around the world go to Cancun; many also go to Tulum and to Isla de Mujeras, a small island with great beaches. Chichen Itza and the Ecaret Ecological Park present a chance for great fun for those who enjoy snorkelling and swimming. Yucatan, the home of the Mayan Empire, is another place many tourists enjoy.

The tropical climate of Northern Australia provides lots of heat because it so close to the equator. Australia is consistently hot with temperatures in the 70’s F/20sC all winter. Among the many attractions is the World Heritage Site of Kakadu National Park. The summers in Australia usually approach 100ºF/40ºC although the nights often have mild temperatures.

Australia - it never rains - according to Neighbours

Queensland offers hot temperatures year round but is sometimes plagued with cyclones between November and April. The Australian Outback, Uluru and Alice Springs have the hottest temperatures in the country. While the nights can grow chilly, after a day spent in 100ºF/38ºC temperatures, the chill at night feels good to the skin.

Laos has a hot and humid tropical climate year round with two distinct seasons. The rainy season begins in early May and continues through September. The dry season usually begins in early October and continues until April. The yearly low average temperature is about 78ºF/28ºC rising to a maximum of 100ºF/38ºC during April and May.

When it's this hot, water looks certainly tempting, doesn't it?

Gran Canaria is one of the hottest vacation places on the planet and is located in the Canary Islands. There are great beaches and many things to do. Malta and Cyprus in Greece are also among some of the hottest vacation places. Costa Calida, Spain, in the Murcia region between Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha and Valencia attracts many tourists year round. Valencia is on the southeast edge of the Iberian Peninsula and it runs parallel to the Mediterranean Sea. In these areas the temperatures are around 45ºF/11ºC December and January and 50ºF/18ºC to 101ºF/40ºC the rest of the year.

Gran Canaria - more than just British tourists

Mexico City has an average temperature of 65ºF/36.1ºC year round similar to that of Kunming, China and Quito, Ecuador. Other cities among the hottest vacation places on earth are Bogota, Columbia and Nairobi, Kenya having temperatures hovering around 75ºF-24ºC.

In addition to the hot climates found in the places listed above is San Felipe, Santiago, Chile with a year round temperature hovering around 72ºF/21.1ºC. South of San Felipe is Los Andos and Buenos Aires with mild temperatures around 50ºF/18ºC. Along the Coast of Venezuela, there are vacation areas with temperatures ranging from 69.9ºF/22ºC to 82.4ºF/28ºC year round.

Santiago, lovely and exotic

The hottest year round vacation places on earth are those located near the equator and above sea level. Places located near the equator which are on sea level generally have mild climates. A great place to find the hottest vacation places suited to your personal choices are travel logs, travel websites and travel blogs. These websites offer advice, tips, pros and cons about places to go and places to avoid. Some are very entertaining and descriptive while also being very helpful as you decide where to find the hottest vacation places for you, family and friends.

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